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Saturday, August 23, 2003
Just a few thoughts on Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore.

First, a little clarification. I'm a Christian. A conservative. A conservative Christian.

With that out of the way, Moore's an idiot. This is just embarrassing. Look, I'm the first to get irate when the ACLU fires off a lawsuit at some podunk town with a nativity scene on the front lawn of City Hall. I don't believe that the 1st Amendment means religion has no place in public life. I'm constantly disgusted that the Left wants religion relegated to living rooms and Sunday School. At the same time, what's Moore attempting to accomplish? Yes, the 10 Commandments is part of our legal heritage, even if people like this are otherwise persuaded. So why not a big statue of the Magna Carta? Why install the monument in the middle of the night, in secrecy? What does Moore have to hide?

Everything, apparently.

I firmly believe that religion has a place in public life. I believe that the Judeo-Christian worldview played a crucial, though not exclusive, role in the creation of the United States. But the Bible places no expectation on the secular state to spread the Gospel. That's the job of Christians, working on their own, to develop relationships. It's not the job of politicians.

Moore's an embarrassment to me as an Alabamian and a Christian.

More on this topic, for sure...
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