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Wednesday, August 27, 2003
More on Judge Moore.

While I really agree with the legal aspects that Quinn Hillyer brought up in yesterday's NRO article, I can't help but have some of John Derbyshire's feelings. What difference does it make? I know a lot of Christians feel that Moore is embarassing (I sympathize, believe me), but there's a very serious legal debate here.

There's always been a group of Christians who felt that all the Church's work was done face-to-face, person-to-person. I agree. Yet it would be foolhardy to ignore the fact there is a very vocal minority in this country that would prefer to see all religion relegated to people's living rooms, and no shade of faith remaining in the public realm. This is a bad idea.

I repeat, this is a bad idea.

Christians can stick their head in the sand and try to pretend this isn't happening, or that it doesn't matter. That's suicide. Europe has become a purely secular society, and much of that culture is gone. Not just the devotion to Christianity, but a great deal of the art, the music, and the literature that made Europe the envy of the world.

"And some things,
that should not
have been forgotten,
were lost...

History became legend,
legend became myth..."

In America, if the Judeo-Christian traditions are to go, the rest of the culture is soon to follow.
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