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Friday, January 09, 2004
All sorts of controversy in the Birmingham area, as Hoover High School is in a discipline fuss over some wrestlers and their drinking.

Here's the link.

A few things stand out here:

- The article says that the students were stopped by a police officer, who turned them over to a school official. Were the students drunk? If so, why wasn't the driver handed a DUI? If one of the students did have a beer in hand, as a Hoover School System official claims, why wasn't he fined for being a minor in possession?

- If the students weren't in violation of the law, and they were not on school property (as the article implies), then what's the problem?

- Is this a first offense? The article doesn't say, so I'd wager that is the case.

This is just more abstract "we're here to help you" garbage on the part of school administrators. I fully support greater discipline. Birmingham City Schools are a great example of what can go wrong. These seniors can't even walk out with their graduating class. Suspend them if you must, but the idea that students are helped by such an inane measure is terribly off the mark.

Speaking of the Birmingham City School system, this report might offer an indication as to why Alabama decided to nix the Guv'nah's tax plan back in September.
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