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Tuesday, January 06, 2004
Back after a long hiatus, though I doubt this was read much anyway.

Lots of reading was done over the Christmas holidays. Christians always speak of "peace of Earth" at Christmastime, and rightfully so. Yet it's a phrase often used in reference to pacifism, as though Christ would have us respond to evil with only a soft tone.

That sort of logic leaves me confounded. Christ did not intend for good people to ignore genocide. Somehow, I doubt that God was saddened by the Allied invasion at Normandy or the liberation of Baghdad. No doubt He was saddened at the loss of human life, but it was understood as part of something greater. There is no triumph without some sort of sacrifice. I've heard fellow Christians remark that war is not the answer, Jesus is peace, turn the other cheek etc. All well and good, but when someone aims a weapon at you -
you must respond. There is no other choice. Jesus himself used a whip against the money lenders in the temple, because at some point words can become useless, and other action must be taken.


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