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Friday, April 23, 2004
I had hoped to find an impetus to get this blog going again. I've felt apathetic as of late, not wanting to say a whole lot. The news of Pat Tillman's death gave me the tragic push I needed.

I don't know what I could say that I has not already been said. Tillman was a fine athlete, a walk-on at Arizona State and an outstanding defensive player for the Arizona Cardinals. His teammates have had nothing but positive words for him in remembrance.

I think what stands out to me most is how strong a person he was. I realize that strength is portrayed in different forms, but Tillman's decision to leave behind a million dollar contract to join the Army Rangers for love of country and freedom is simply amazing. It is amazing that someone who had it all would leave it behind to sacrifice his own well being for the defense of liberty. It is sad irony that only days ago New York Congressman Charlie Rangel was making noise about a draft, implying that those dying are only poor minorities. Today's news is evidence to the contrary.

There was a letter from a reader at the Dallas Morning News blog stating that perhaps the death of a more famous soldier might demonstrate the ugly aspect of war. No one is denying the tragedy of this, but I sit here, in my nice air-conditioned office, thankful and proud that we live in a nation capable of producing men like Pat Tillman. I can only hope that I will show the same valor if my time comes, and that, God willing, I can raise my own children in the same manner.

As a nation, we face a choice. We can produce a generation of overly-sensitive men without chests, or we can realize that some battles must be fought, and they must risk life and limb. Tolkien understood this. C.S. Lewis understood this. So did Mill, Orwell, Kennedy, and Lincoln. George W. Bush understands this. I can only pray that the rest of us do, as well.
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