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Monday, May 10, 2004
Crucial, crucial editorial by Robert Kagan and William Kristol. I agree with practically all they have to say. One thing of particular note is the view that this conflict is not going well. It's been said that perception killed Vietnam, and I think it could happen here, as well.

Liberal bias is one thing. Still, there's a growing disconnect between the work the Bush administration is attempting to do, and the Vietnam-era hopelessnes that so many in Congress, the media and the general public seem bound and determined to embrace.

Meanwhile, Andrew Sullivan remarks that the Bush administration has "failed us profoundly." No, they have not. They have made mistakes, as should be expected when fighting what is, primarily, an offensive war (as a means of defense) that also serves as a war of liberation. We're having problems. They need to be fixed. Had things gone differently twelve months ago, then we might not be in this situation. Had the President done something early in his term to deal with the historic disconnect between the State Department and the Department of Defense, then maybe...

Yet we are where we are. I believe it's obvious that there have been mistakes, but I do not believe that the administration is a purveyor of "profound failure." I just don't buy it. The wrongdoers in the current crisis are being dealt with, and I have full confidence that President Bush will work to ensure that justice is done. Yet until the left-wing of Congress stops calling for withdrawal (see Kennedy, Ted.) and ceases to rant about "systemic" abuses (see Hugh Hewitt's post about Carl Levin), I can't fault the administration's public handling of the matter. I watched Jeff Sessions, my junior Senator, express his own annoyance with this trend during Friday's hearing. Standing in line at a deli in downtown Tuscaloosa, I nodded in agreement.

Until the Democrats call off the attack dogs, I can't blame the administration for circling the wagons. There was a time in this country where we fought wars and won them, then sorted out the who's, why's, when's and where's. I'm starting to miss the good ol' days.
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