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Saturday, May 01, 2004
Lileks sees the future getting ugly. I'm pretty sure he's right. There's nothing wrong with youthful enthusiasm, even if that enthusiasm is put towards a wrong-headed view of the economy. Today something is different, though. It only takes a spark, and one of these days, a few bitter punk kids are going to put a brick through a window. Or a Molotov cocktail. Or something along those lines. I'd keep an eye on this summer's political conventions. The Republican Convention in New York could see a lot of protest; after all, BUSH IS THE DEVIL. Or so they say. Yet it's the Democrats who are seen as sellouts, as slaves to the corporate braintrust. I wouldn't be shocked to see a repeat of the 1968 Chicago convention.

Perhaps I've spent one too many nights listening to angry punk kids preach on about the Palestinian cause. But maybe the older pundits, though still culturally in tune, are underestimating the radical left. Rush Limbaugh likes to refer to it as a fringe, but I'm not so sure. What's to stop the traveling IMF/World Bank protest circus from becoming more adamant, more virulent?

Yes, 2005 will be a rough year, should George W. Bush be reelected. A common thought about the radical left is "if Bush is this bad now, what will he do with four years and no concern of reelection?" Well, personally, I reckon he could make sure that Syria and Iran are dealt with, lower some taxes, put someone with another warm body on the Supreme Court, and try to settle problems with North Korea. That doesn't sound bad to me, but then again, we're talking about people who find it admirable to firebomb an Audi dealership or toss a chair through the window of a Starbucks. So the question for those us on the right, or at the least, those of us who aren't crazy, should not be "what will Bush do with four more years?" It should be legitimate concern about what the radical left will do with four more years of Bush.
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