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Wednesday, May 05, 2004
Mickey Kaus notes the anger of Tom Daschle in the Iraqi-prisoner abuse flap. Daschle isn't the only one, as Kaus notes. Even hawkish senators like John McCain and John Warner are upset that they weren't briefed. Rush Limbaugh hit on this yesterday on his radio show. Congress is going to get in such a self-righteous fit over this that it will likely hamper any investigations.

I saw two of the wives of the accused Army men on Good Morning America this morning. I don't yet believe, as these women do, that their husbands have been scapegoated. But if Congress insists on poking and prodding around in this matter, in a petty desire to look important, it's quite likely that someone will be take a serious fall, whether they deserve to or not.

Another tidbit from Rush's show yesterday. While the abuse is inexcusable, it seems like most of the country is more upset over the abuse than the Fallujah incident. While the prisoner abuse should be dealt with justly and severely, some of this anger is, quite frankly, misplaced.
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