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Thursday, May 06, 2004
Over at the Dallas Morning News editorial blog, Rod Dreher wonders if we aren't in line to lose this war. I can't say I disagree with him. If we're going to call for Donald Rumsfeld's head just one week after the prison abuse story breaks, with an internal military investigation not yet complete, we are in serious trouble. Scroll through the link and you'll find more than one voice arguing that Rummy has to go.

If this attitude becomes widespread, then the war is finished. We can prepare ourselves to walk through Atlanta and worry if there's a suicide bomber in that Starbucks. Will my flight from Phoenix to Birmingham be safe? Do I really want to take the Subway? Is attending the Sugar Bowl worth the security risk? We'll sit around at high school reunions and say, "Yeah, I had a girlfriend in college who caught that nerve gas in Boston..." "Didn't your uncle die in that bus bombing in D.C.?"

We must remain steady or else it is lost. There can be no wavering. If our men have done wrong, punish them. Donald Rumsfeld should not shoulder the blame of these errors unless it is proven beyond all doubt that he turned a blind eye to abuse. If needs be, we should ignore world opinion and win this battle. Our civilization depends on it.
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