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Wednesday, May 26, 2004
Tuscaloosa is on its way to becoming a really weak college town. (Registration required.)

I'm torn on this sort of thing. I believe in the free market, and people can shop and eat and drink where they want. And I don't want to see the Strip area become skid row. That said, I'm bothered that the city and the University seem so intent on controlling the area. I'm not sure why they want the Strip to be a family friendly area. There are no families in the area! It's absurd. Tuscaloosa wants to have it both ways. They want the University's recognition and prestige, as well as the money brought in by students and fans of the UA athletic department. They don't seem to realize that this is still a college town. People like having a unique atmosphere to a college town. Making the Strip crowded with chain stores doesn't help.

The article also mentions UA President Robert Witt's plan to increase enrollment. I don't get it. The University already accepts anyone with a pulse who applies. Increasing enrollment in an area where housing is already becoming scarce. Why not increase the requirements, perhaps just for out of state students?

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