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Friday, June 04, 2004
Andrew Sullivan is in a fussy mood because Karl Rove is looking to involve church congregations in the President's re-election campaign. I'm not sure about the theological implications of such a plan, but where was Andrew when John Kerry was having Palm Sunday services at a black church? Kerry is a (sort of) Catholic. No one believes that his appearance at black churches (or that of Al Gore or Bill Clinton or John Edwards or you get the idea) is anything but political pandering. As a Christian I would be uncomfortable if the pulpit became a political stump, and Lord knows I don't want my pastor giving me political lessons, particularly if he's not good at it. But if Sullivan wants to act like it's a new invention for politicians to use churches for a base of support, he's kidding himself.

I think Andrew is speaking in code. What he means is this: Karl Rove is utilizing churches that are almost overwhelmingly opposed to gay marriage, therefore what he is doing is bad. If the church membership had a more nuanced view of the gay marriage issue, I highly doubt that Sullivan would bother to get his dander up.
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