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Sunday, June 06, 2004
I was barely seven years old when George H. W. Bush took office, and Ronald Reagan returned to his adopted home of California. I remember very little of Ronald Reagan's time in office. By the time I was in the fourth grade, America's economy was booming and there was no such thing as the Soviet Union. I want to write a long piece about the malaise of the late 1970s and the change in America's attitude. I want to talk about how I was an inspired teenager who came to love American because of Ronald Reagan, but I can not.

I can say that I am sad today, because the greatest President my lifetime will ever know is dead. A man who stood firm against tyranny, who understood that all men must be free and that communism was not just another form of government. It was an evil, and it must be defeated.

I am sad because the greatest President of the past fifty years is gone, and I never had the chance to watch in living color as the Great Communicator laughed with and inspired the American people to greatness. I wish he were here today, to crack a joke about the traveling circus that mocked his death on the streets of a vibrant city. Perhaps a future full of Soviet rockets and staggering inflation would soften their cheers. I wish the lump in my throat would go away. It's become a fixture since yesterday afternoon, sitting in my grandmother's den when the news broke across the wire.

Yet I am thankful for a man who stood up to be counted among the defenders of liberty. Ronald Reagan was a giant, a champion of freedom and prosperity. May our America take up his banner as we wage war against the theocratic thugs who dare to destroy our nation. May we be ever mindful of President Reagan's tireless optimism, never failing to believe in this great nation. May he now be at peace in the presence of the almighty God he faithfully served here on Earth, and may God bless his dear wife and family.

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