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Monday, June 07, 2004
Some folks have suggested that President Reagan would not cling to the religious right in the manner of George W. Bush. I think it is still up in the air concerning our current President, but Drudge has linked to a speech that Reagan gave to the 1984 GOP convention. Money quote:

"When John Kennedy was running for President in 1960, he said that his church would not dictate his Presidency any more than he would speak for his church. Just so, and proper. But John Kennedy was speaking in an America in which the role of religion -- and by that I mean the role of all churches -- was secure. Abortion was not a political issue. Prayer was not a political issue. The right of church schools to operate was not a political issue. And it was broadly acknowledged that religious leaders had a right and a duty to speak out on the issues of the day. They held a place of respect, and a politician who spoke to or of them with a lack of respect would not long survive in the political arena."

Full speech is here. See the Drudge link above for audio of the speech.
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