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Wednesday, June 09, 2004
There are over twenty million evangelicals in this country, and all Andrew Sullivan can do is mention some nutjobs who want to succeed from the Union and imprison homosexuals. Andrew should be too smart for this, because he knows good and well that, regardless of opinions on homosexuality, there is nothing Christ-like about this position and no serious evangelical will give these people the time of day. If he's wondering why they're not being condemned, I don't know that I could give an answer. It might be because these people are such a fringe that noted evangelicals - Al Mohler, J.P. Moreland, Richard Land - haven't heard of them. Or it could be that even if they have, these men have better things to do with their time than condemn lunatics.

Millions and millions of intelligent evangelicals and this is all Sullivan can discuss. It's disappointing, because he's capable of more. For all his talk, he still does not understand the South or evangelicals. Frustrating, really.
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