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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
The zeitgeist is raging, as millions are flocking to see Fahrenheit 911. I myself have resisted the temptation to mock the Fat Man's efforts to slander the President and the war effort. No matter how booming the economy, my seven dollars are best spent somewhere else. Hugh Hewitt nicely surmises the state of one excited about Large Michael's new outing:

"But I will note the one undeniable benefit of the movie's success. It provides a handy reference to the intelligence of the person who sees it. If you encounter anyone speaking in tones even remotely approaching respect for the movie, you have proof positive that the speaker is a fool, not to be trusted on any point, for he or she has given testimony as to their ignorance of basic facts and of an inability to detect even elephant-sized inconsistencies in argument and story line."

As Hewitt notes, the best rebuttal of Moore's pseudo-polemic is the delightfully misanthropic Christopher Hitchens. Regarding the ins and outs of the movie itself, see Jeffrey Overstreet's analysis, both on the Looking Closer website, and the Looking Closer blog.

More thoughts on this later, but that's my earliest take.
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