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Friday, July 02, 2004
Andrew Sullivan is on a tear about the religious right again. Maybe it's because I grew up Southern Baptist, but none of this is news to me. Perhaps it's news in Rhode Island, but none of this comes as a surprise. I had heard of the I Vote Values campaign after my father attended the Southern Baptist Convention. Sullivan, of course, is quick to bemoan the campaign's opposition to homosexuality. Now I understand where Sullivan is coming from, what with being a homosexual, but is he surprised? Evangelicals have believed this since their inception; it isn't news to any informed person.

Sullivan gets one thing wrong, however. When citing a passage wherein the Southern Baptists
(as though we're a tribe of nomads) speak ill of homosexuality, he's actually quoting from a link on D. James Kennedy's Reclaim America program. Sullivan is off the mark. The link is external, and Kennedy is not a Southern Baptist.

Personally, I'm not sure what I think of the I Vote Values campaign. On the whole I agree, but I would probably nitpick a few issues. That said, I'll quickly defend the campaign against Sullivan's ranting. Being that he is a socially moderate homosexual, I understand why he would have disagreements with the campaign. What I find disingenuous is his surprise; some evangelical opposition gay marriage may be strong on rhetoric, but Lord knows it's nothing new.
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