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Monday, August 09, 2004
I caught this great symposium piece over at ESPN.com on the changes needed in college football. What a thrill to see Jim Donnan and Kirk Herbstreit acknowledge that football programs need more scholarships. This is sorely needed. As Herbstreit notes, football is being seriously harmed in support of Title IX sports. It should be allowed more scholarships; this would strengthen teams and perhaps provide more revenue. Herbstreit joins Mel Kiper, Jr. is noting that there are too many bowl games. Herbstreit is right to suggest that a bowl game should be open to only teams with at least seven wins. He's right; we're encouraging mediocrity by claiming that 6-5 is a successful year. It might be at Vanderbilt or Memphis. Not at Notre Dame, Penn State, Alabama or Texas A&M.

Donnan and Kiper come out swinging in favor of a playoff. I say no; the season is long enough. Why not require all BSC conferences to divide into divisions, with a conference title game played the first weekend in December? There is always the possibility of a glitch, but such a condition would have prevented a split championship last year.
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