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Friday, August 06, 2004
I really need to revamp this format.

Paul Finebaum's show was live in Mobile yesterday. The occassion was a charity banquet, and provided the show with commentary from Danny Sheridan, Mike Gottfried and Jim Donnan. Donnan of course being Quincy Carter's coach while at the Univeristy of Georgia. Donnan seemed to acknowledge that Carter had some issues as a pro, but steered clear of too much criticism of a former player. Good call. Another good, no, great, call was Finebaum's decision to turn the mike over to Gottfried and Donnan for a solid half-hour. Perhaps Paul had other things to attend to, but it was a fascinating few segments. Many hosts would not have shown such humility.
Donnan and Gottfried really understand the SEC and did a good job breaking down the conference.

A few highlights:

I missed Danny Sheridan's segment, but the interview, along with Gottfried/Donnan, should be up at the Finebaum homepage linked to above. Finebaum later remarked on Sheridan's comments. The gist of it seemed to be that Sheridan has serious reservations about Alabama's coaching staff. I think Sheridan is on to something. Alabama has talent, though depth will prove to be a serious problem. I'm more concerned with coaching, as last year's defensive play calling was pretty pathetic. The offense seemed disjointed, at best. There's a lack of strong experience on the staff, and the few coaches who are experienced (see: Kines, Joe) are not popular and up for serious criticism after last year's losses, particularly to Tennessee and Arkansas. Fall practice starts next week, so we'll find out soon enough if Sheridan is right.
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