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Monday, August 09, 2004
The John Kerry "Christmas in Cambodia" story is gaining some legs. Hugh Hewitt has all the goods on it. This could be very damaging to Kerry, perhaps in a way that many Bush supporters didn't even realize. When the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth group came along, I was under the impression that the basic premise was simply that Kerry was a lousy leader; a self-serving braggadocio who looked out for himself in Vietnam. I didn't realize the group was exposing Kerry's rant on the floor of the Senate. I certainly hope, as Hugh notes above, that some reporter will show the backbone to inquire about Kerry's 1968 Christmas. Either he was in Cambodia or he was not. While I prefer to look forward to see what Kerry and Bush will do in a new term, Kerry's statements on the floor of the Senate make this a more pressing matter than they might otherwise be.

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