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Monday, September 27, 2004
Here's a Monday morning rundown.

- Al Mohler has the first of a two part series up on Christians in the media. Part One is worth reading. I'll post my thoughts after the final installment tomorrow.

- From one law professor to another, Glenn Reynolds points out this post by Ann Althouse, discussing how John Kerry lost her vote. As an aside, should I really give Glenn a hat tip when I would have read Althouse anyway? Yeah, I think so.

- Dr. John Mark Reynolds has a reply to Mark Roberts' series on Christians and voting. I came down on Reynolds' side last week (see below), and still maintain that position. (I say that as though I might have experienced a dramatic paradigm shift in the last four days. Hey, it could happen!) At any rate, Reynolds and Roberts are sure to continue to have good things to say on that front.

- Peyton Manning and Brett Favre put on a show yesterday. The fans in Indianapolis saw something special.

- Lastly, Alabama lost to Arkansas 27-10. Mike Shula is in for a long week of second-guessing, and deservedly so. Punting on 4th and 1? Inside your opponents forty-yard line? With less then ten minutes to go? And you're losing? Bush-league, I say. Shula needs to learn to win, and quick. If not, he better talk to Bill Curry about how to make a graceful exit, lest he begin to resemble Mike DuBose. And let me tell you something - that ain't a pretty picture.
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