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Saturday, September 25, 2004
I was both humbled and thrilled to see that Hugh Hewitt(scroll down) had designated this site, along with Got Design, as October blogs of the month. I hope you find something here that piques your interest. Please, if you're reading, leave comments and e-mail me with thoughts, suggestions, hate mail, whatever. I hope you like what you find and you'll stick around for the long haul. I also do posting at Pros and Cons, so do check that out.

Despite my flattery at being chosen by Hugh as a Blog of the Month, I must address being labeled as a football dunce. Look folks, I'm a Southerner. There is only one kind of football that matters around here, and that's the SEC. I have nothing but respect for the programs at Ohio State and Notre Dame. Indeed, our own struggles these last few years at the University of Alabama might be comparable that of the Fighting Irish. I think Jim Tressel at OSU is a fantastic coach, and unless Michigan finds its mojo and with a quickness, the Buckeyes are heading for another Big 10 Championship.

But the Browns? The Browns?

I can understand regional loyalty, but I simply cannot cheer for any team that would draft Kellen "I'm a Soldier!" Winslow.

On the topic of football, Alabama is in Arkansas today. Kickoff is in about four and a half hours. Paul Finebaum has his thoughts on the importance of the game. This is the biggest game of the season thus far, and perhaps in Mike Shula's tenure as head coach of the Crimson Tide. Arkansas is favored by roughly five points. This is understandable, as Bama is without its starting quarterback and playing away from home - in a day game, no less - for the first time this season. And as former Auburn coach Pat Dye might say, Fayetteville ain't an easy place to play.

I still think the Tide could pull this on out, but it should make for a good afternoon of football. Should Hugh ever make it down this way, say for an Alabama/Auburn game, ribs at Dreamland are on me.
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