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Saturday, September 25, 2004
To go along with my post below on Christians and voting, Touchstone has dedicated its newest issue to the topic. Most of the magazine is only available off-line, but this editorial by James M. Kushiner is here for the taking. I find his points to be quite sobering.

Let me also say this: I am not a single issue voter. In fact, national security is the major issue in this election as far as I am concerned. Second to that is electing men and women to Congress who will work to reverse the nanny-welfare state that we're currently drifting towards. But speaking specifcally to Christians, in reference to Mark Roberts' excellent series on voting, a few things must be pointed out. As Touchstone has shown, one party has made a choice on matters of life, and that choice is not easily justifed when weighed against Scripture. Kushiner closes with these words:

No amount of health insurance, of support for religious freedom in other countries, of ways to end the conflict in the Middle East, or of AIDS drugs will protect us from the short- and long-term consequences of supporting candidates who will not protect life and marriage. A society in which vulnerable human life is not protected and in which marriage is made irrelevant is a society that will not long continue to care for the freedom, peace, and health of others.

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