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Monday, October 18, 2004
Do you know who John Kerry is?

I don’t, and it’s fair to say that the voters of American don’t. He won’t be elected because he is an enigma.

People like a sort of mystery, like Gary Cooper or John Wayne. Maureen O’Hara never knew what the Duke was thinking when he looked her in the eye, but when a gun was drawn, she knew.

John Kerry’s not John Wayne. He’s not a cowboy. He’s the coward newspaper editor who talks a big game about running the bandits out of town, but always gives his 15% to the robbers every Friday.

The title of a cowboy is supposed to be an insult. Forget it. The French never liked cowboy movies, anyway. Call George W. Bush a cowboy all you want. It was Seth Bullock who finally took up the call to law and order and made Deadwood, South Dakota a safe place. If John Kerry was in charge, he’d still be sitting at the bar thinking what to do, while honest people were shot dead in the street.

It’s graphic, but it’s really that simple.

We can elect the cowboy who might talk straight and crass, but doggone it, the streets are clear and we’ll have a little law around here. Or we can elect the newspaper editor, who’ll wax poetic while the bullets fly and we’re left to cower in fear.

Take your pick…I’ve already made mine.

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