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Friday, October 15, 2004
I mentioned below that I feel there will be some degree of Republican infighting after the November elections. Yet I think all Republicans, conservatives and people of good taste can unite in their refutation of John Kerry's aim at Mary Cheney.

Dick Cheney has never hid his daughters from public view. Both of his daughters are well-acknowledged, as is their sexuality; one, of course, the married mother of two, the other being a lesbian. I'm sure it's news to less-informed voters, but most voters are aware of this fact.

I don't know how this will play on the coast, in the big urban areas. I do know that in the South and Midwest - flyover country - this is something we just don't do. Whatever our opinion of our neighbor's children, we know that only the crass and crude will discuss it. Were he so inclined, John Kerry could have made a strong liberal argument in favor of gay rights without mentioning Mary Cheney. It was a needless act, because it is no one's business. I am willing to believe that John Kerry is such a clueless buffoon that he doesn't understand the need to apologize, because he has been an uppercrust liberal for so long, he doesn't understand the way the rest of the country thinks. Perhaps this is why Andrew Sullivan doesn't understand the furor. John and Elizabeth Edwards, however, should know better. Both of are from modest red-state backgrounds, and both should know that polite people take their stands without dragging their opponents family into the matter, unless the family member has committed an unpardonable act of slander. Mary Cheney did no such thing.

John Edwards was always known as an ambulance chasing attorney, a back-slappin' good ole boy. He showed himself to be a politician without class when he declared, with a sick confidence that would make Benny Hinn blush, that the lame will walk again should we inaugarate John Kerry. His wife exposed herself as a classless woman when she accused Lynne Cheney of feeling shame towards her daughter. No Mrs. Edwards, it is you who should feel shame. It is you and your husband and that disgraceful running mate and his gin-obsessed wife who should shame. You have had every opportunity to run a fierce, but clean political campaign, and that opportunity has been squandered at every turn.

The Democrats should be embarrassed. The fact that they are not reflects most poorly on their character.

I imagine if Dick and Lynne Cheney could speak their minds to the Kerrys and the Edwards (and they may yet have their chance), their words would make Vice President Cheney's remarks to Senator Leahy sound like a Baptist benediction.

One could certainly sypmathize...

So how deep a hole has John Kerry dug? If he were in Texas, he might have struck oil by this point. Despite Andrew Sullivan's best wishes, no one is going to vote for John Kerry because the Vice President has a gay daughter. A few backwoods bigots may stay home, but I do stress, a few. The rest of the country will have their fears confirmed; that John Kerry is not a good man. Theresa's new gin and raisin home remedy will likley confirm her own weirdness to millions of normal women around the country. Even if her little recipe works, it's just not something that's said in public, and the heartland understands that. Same as most folks have heard that a few shots of whiskey cure a common cold, no one wants to hear the First Lady suggest Jim Beam as a cure for the sniffles. John Edwards' audition for the TBN circuit will reinforce the image of a snake-oil peddler, like the crude Bible salesman from O Brother! Where Art Thou? And Elizabeth Edwards? Middle-class women hear enough of that gossip at the beauty salon. They don't need anymore of it from the potential Vice President's wife.

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