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Friday, October 15, 2004
In reference to the looming GOP Civil War, the idea gained steam over the summer thanks to Andrew Sullivan. Long-time readers of this site, all six of you, will recall that I regard Sullivan as ocassionaly brilliant, usually erratic. That said, he's definitely on to something. The major figures of the GOP, excluding the President and the Vice President, have widely diverse views on issues like abortion, stem cells and gay marriage. Some are stronger on tax cuts, others care about the deficit. Even the national security crowd has split opinions.

So the question I'm going to explore in my own crazed fashion is - who do we trust? Whom do we support and why? What are the consequences? What is our role outside the political arena? I'm not promising a brilliant thesis, but I'm hoping for something to think on. Hang around and let's see what we find.
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