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Thursday, October 07, 2004
John-John has been making a lot of noise about the Battle of Tora-Bora, claiming that we had UBL in our fingers and let him slip away. This notion must be polling well, becaue the Kedwards campaign seems to be unwilling to let it go.

Our man Rick over at Stones Cry Out has the goods on the story.

I'm not a military expert, but given the terrain of Afghanistan and the shaky political situation in the rural areas of both Afghanistan and Pakistan, why criticize? Kerry and Edwards should know better. These were, and are, Special Forces missions. Details are always murky, and John-John just doesn't seem to be willing to let it go.

And on the topic of the Dems and the war, how dumb are these people? Edwards repeated over and over again that it was Al-Qaeda, not Iraq, that attacked us on September 11. True enough, but is Edwards so foolish to believe that Al-Qaeda is a lone operation? Well, Edwards might be, but if Kerry has worked in the Senate for twenty years and actually believes such non-sense, he has no authority to even come near a presidential campaign. This is serious stuff we're dealing with, and these two dancing bears want to play politics.

I read a blog a while back, and I honestly can't remember where, that compared terrorism, particularly the Islamist strain, to organized crime. What an astute observation. There may be infighting and disagreements, but you can't take out one faction without focusing on all of them. Would that the Democrats understood this point. There is just a mountain of evidence linking Al-Qaeda to Egyptian Islamic Jihad to Hezbollah to Hamas to Palesitinian Islamic Jihad to Syria to Iraq to Sudan to UBL to Hezbollah to Iran to North Korea to Pakistan. I'm not an expert here, but with a few clicks of the mouse and a google search, I can find all this out. Even the German press admits as much, because a chunk of this information has come out in German and Italian court cases. What's more, if this much comes out in public, what else is being held classified in other court documents and grand jury proceedings?

This is all terribly frustrating to someone who would like to see an honest, open presidential campaign that focused on domestic issues while commonly acknowledging the general success of the global war on terrorism. The Kerry/Edwards strategy of attacking the war is cynical demagoguery at its absolute worst. These two are wholly unfit to lead this nation, and I pray that the voters of his country will come to that understanding.

And here's hoping that GWB nails Kerry to the wall on this point tomorrow night in St. Louis.
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