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Sunday, October 31, 2004
One of the things about my leftist friends and professors that always appealled to me was their activism. Their bumper stickers, their rallies, their marches. I felt like I was missing out on something. Even now, with the most important election ever about to take place, there's not a lot to do. Tuscaloosa is a pretty strong Republican area, even for a college town. The state of Alabama is clearly going for W. So I will offer my own humble words for the few dozen people who read this site, in hopes that they might reverberate into a larger sphere.

The hour grows late...

Let's get to the point. American Digest offers Fifty Reasons to Vote for W. (Hat Tip: Instapundit) I've thought to myself and said to my friends that a lot things were at stake here. Taxes. Social security. Welfare. Drugs. Gay Marriage. Stem Cells. Federalism. Liberalism. Conservatism. I'm right. All of those things henge upon this election. Bush or Kerry, things will change as it pertains to all these issues.

But there is one thing, at this one moment, that trumps all. And that is to ensure that our towers never again crumble. Our mothers and fathers are safe to fly across country. Our children are safe in their schools, never having to fear that a murderous fanatic will attempt to honor God by shedding their blood. We are safe to go to Fenway Park and Soldier Field and the Orange Bowl and Bryant-Denny Stadium, because there is no fear of being blown to bits at the ticket stand. We will no longer fear overseas travel. Our men and women can work in Afghanistan and Iraq and Suden and Pakistan and never fear for their lives.

It may very well be simplisitc. But Osama bin Laden isn't mad about income redistribution. He's a filthy rich construction magnate. Those filthy nineteen highjackers didn't murder three thousand people because they were poor and disgruntled. They were middle-class. They had traveled from the desert to the cities of Europe. It mattered not. They came to kill. We must never yield in ensuring that no longer will these vile men and women blow up pizzeria and shoot up schoolchildren. No more, never ever again.

Is this blind rhetoric? Perhaps. No moreso than Senator Kerry's insistence that terrorism should be a mere nuisance, that a war he authorized is in the wrong place at the wrong time. His assertion that our noble efforts in Afghanistan were outcourced is as foolish and bullheaded as his own insistence that his political career be built upon a Vietnam experience that he publicly repudiated in 1971. He is a dangerous ideologue. His view of the world is muddled with his own uncertainties about right and wrong; he is lost in a quagmire of his own inconsistencies. He is blind in his refusal to acknowledge that for over two-hundred years, America and her values have been a force for good in the world. His push for the highest office in the land must be denied.

George W. Bush is not a perfect man. He has often left his supporters desiring more in his manner of speech. He has spent money recklessly. He has done little to restrict the growth of the federal bureacracy. His desire to make nice in Washington has failed for a plethora of reasons, and he would be advised to realize that getting along in the Beltway is not the same as dinner in Austin. Yet above all he understands that truth of our times. There are indeed enemies, and their grievances are not addressed in summits and conferences. We are not under attack because of Kyoto or Durban. We are under attack because we believe in liberty and equality, justice and mercy. George W. Bush knows that sometimes in this world, we must put down the pen and pick up the sword. Or daisy-cutter. And while every American desires peace, September 11 was a declaration of war. Osama bin Laden preached for jihad, and now he has one. George W. Bush answered the call of history, and he has led admirably. It is my honor to vote for his re-election.

Let me repeat. This is not about the economy or health-care. It is about no Beslans in Birmingham. It is about no more 9/11s. It is about no more Bali bombings, no more Khobar towers, no more USS Coles. The choice is ours to make.
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