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Thursday, October 07, 2004
Over at ESPN.com, Pat Forde has his latest intallment of the Forde-Yard Dash. Among other topics, Forde comments on the troubles of a few college coaches, Mike Shula among them. Concerning the woeful Alabama coach, Forde says:

Shula has legitimate reasons to expect patience -- but patience is never in great supply in Bama, and it won't be if this season goes into free-fall.

I just love how the national media enjoys painting Alabama fans as impatient. I'll admit that we are, but only to an extent. I think Alabama fans were (and remain) willing to give Mike Shula a lot of room to improve. Sanctions hurt (Thanks Phil!) and it's hard to win with a lot of young players. We can tolerate respectable losses. What we can't tolerate are bone-headed coaching decisions. Forde doesn't seem to understand that. Then again, he probably doesn't want to understand. It's so much easier (and oh-so fun) to paint the Bama nation as a bunch of impatient rednecks longing for Coach Bryant to rise up from the grave and revive the program.

Everyone's very aware that Bryant is dead. All we're looking for is a respectable coaching job. I'm not asking for an SEC championship every year. I didn't expect Alabama to be looking for a chance to go to Atlanta this year. I was hoping that we might be strong enough to play a spoiler role in the SEC West. After two SEC losses, that option is about to go out the window.

And with a loss to Kentucky on the road this Saturday, so might a winning season.
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