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Sunday, November 21, 2004
The gamblers called it out in Vegas. Auburn was going to beat Alabama. And they did, but by two points less than the predicion. It's really an amazing thing, that an Alabama team that had been railroaded by a corrupt NCAA was able to hold the number three team in the country to just 21 points, all coming in the second half. I sure hope Miles Brand is happy. Alabama's team was being held together with chewing gum and rubber bands; a depleted backfield and a third-string quartback, a banged-up offensive line and a group of linebackers playing far more snaps than are healthy. There's no point criticizing coaching right now; I am simply in awe of the effort and dedication of this football team, particularly the seniors who have seen four coaches since their recruitment in high school.

In the meantime, Cecil Hurt has thoughts on the future. Alabama is looking at a spot in the Peach Bowl, and can take some comfort in the knowledge that a close loss to Auburn may have cost the Tigers a chance to play for the National Championship.

Concerning the pathetic brawl in Detroit on Friday night, a few thoughts:

- If a guy throws a cup of ice and beer at me on the street, I'm probably not going to go after him. I might call him a name and run away like a girl, but picking fights isn't something I'm very good at it.

- Ron Artest wasn't even on the street; he was on the basketball court. There was absolutely no need for him to go into the stands. None whatsoever. He could have pointed out the fan to security. Heck, he could have stood up and called the guy a name. But he had no reason to jump into the crowd. All punishment dished out by the Detroit police and the NBA should hinge upon the fact that one ill-concieved motion by a very likely drunk fan was responded in an immature fashion by a spoiled, unstable athlete. Artest is the center of this debacle, and should be treated as such.

- NBA players are big dudes. You'd have to be either really dumb or really into the sauce to square off with one of them. Or maybe a little of both.
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