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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Overhead in the bookstore, about an hour ago. Two people talking, young black man and young black woman, about Jerusalem.

Man: "I don't care if they are over there shooting, I want to see it, to walk the streets."

Woman: "Uh-huh. Me and my family talk about it all the time."

I spent an hour or so in the store. Saw the new Tom Wolfe novel. Note to self: buy the book. Nothing in the store by William F. Buckley or Norman Podhoretz. Unacceptable. Annoying Christmas music is in full effect, and it's just the first week of November. What is this world coming to? I head over to the magazine rack. I end up going home with the most recent issues of Newsweek, National Review and First Things.

Briefly peruse the new issue of The Christian Century. Nice articles about humanitarian work; boring, liberal, "progressive" politics. Full page ad by John Shelby Spong. They should rename the magainze The Postmoderns Who Go To Dead Mainline Church Century. It's got a nice ring to it, don't you think? Browse through the new issue Relevant. Rapper Mase is on the cover. I don't want to doubt the guy's faith, but this has the whole "MC Hammer gets saved" schtick written all over it. The rest of the magazine isn't much better. Lots of talk about how God isn't a Republican or a Democrat. Full-page ad from Sojourners. I just love these groups of Christians who refuse labels of conservative or liberal. If groups like Sojourners ever managed a truly impartial, nonpartisan existence, I might be on board. Typically, though, a group that refuses to be labeled is just ashamed of being liberal. Remember O'Sullivan's rule. The rest of the magazine is pretty bland tripe. Look at us! We have tattoos and piercings and we love Jesus! We listen to the Roots and the Shins! See, we're relevant? Get it? No, you're not relevant. You're boring.

While the Beltway sorts out the meaning of the values voter, Christopher Hitchens is praising the secular triumphs of the President. Of course, Hitchens is an avowed atheist, but his praise of Bush speaks volumes about the President's good intentions. The failure of the Left to rise up against the bin Ladens and Zawahiris of the world is proof enough that the emperor is wearing no clothes. Even worse, the Emperor is a morbidly obese Michael Moore and grotesquely skinny Noam Chomsky. And I don't even dare suggest that Susan Sontag is an Empress. I digress. Hitchens lays it all out here:

"Suicide murderers in Palestine—disowned and denounced by the new leader of the PLO—described as the victims of "despair." The forces of al-Qaida and the Taliban represented as misguided spokespeople for antiglobalization. The blood-maddened thugs in Iraq, who would rather bring down the roof on a suffering people than allow them to vote, pictured prettily as "insurgents" or even, by Michael Moore, as the moral equivalent of our Founding Fathers. If this is liberal secularism, I'll take a modest, God-fearing, deer-hunting Baptist from Kentucky every time, as long as he didn't want to impose his principles on me (which our Constitution forbids him to do)."

Perhaps the thin-skinned editors of the Christian Century and Relevant could take a lesson or two from Hitchens. The again, he's a smoker. That might offend their progressive sensiblities.
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