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Tuesday, November 02, 2004
Since last post, I've gone to eat dinner at Eric G. Mann's place and watch some election results. Typical so far. Bush wins expected, same with Kerry. I notice that Republicans and conservative pundits tend to have good ties. Nothing flashy. Repp stripes, very traditional. Russell Kirk would be pleased. Why can't Mississippi be called for W.? Then again, why can't Mississippi do a lot of things. Susan Estritch got rather snarky with Brit Hume. The old tart is quite is a fireball. Local coverage is abhorrent. Birmingham has sent live reporters to D.C. Not to sound haughty, but I think "lame" would be right word.

Locally, Richard Shelby was re-elected to the Senate. Bravo.

Other than that, we're bored at the moment, what with all this too close to call nonsense. I'm watching football at the moment. We'll check back in shortly.
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