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Tuesday, November 02, 2004
So here's the beginning of my election night "coverage."

I won't bother covering my workday. Lots of errand-running and election talk. I left just before five and made it to my polling place. Local Methodist church - new buildings. Very nice. Very Methodist. I approve. Voting was easy. I was not required to show my ID, though I was asked to present my voter registration notice. Lots of old folks working the polls; they were quite nice. Voted straight GOP and then on a few amendments of Alabama's crooked constitution. Speak of the devil, I was asked to sign a petition on my out, calling for a constitutional convention to write a new document for the state. I said yes, because the convention would be kept seperate from the nefarious state legislature. As I left, I noticed a Kerry/Edwards yard sign on what appearred to be church property. Not cool.

Came home. I have thus resisted all but a brief glimpse at the news and the blogosphere. I started some laundry. Fixed dinner. Ate two bites. Spaghetti sauce must have been bad. Threw dinner away. Watched Sportscenter. Now drinking Milo's Sweet Tea and watching a Simpsons rerun. Full-on election coverage will begin shortly.

Stick around, yo.
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