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Friday, November 19, 2004
Tuscaloosa is a madhouse right now. People all over the place, RVs for as far as you can see. Yep, it's Iron Bowl weekend. I don't care about USC/Notre Dame. You can take Ohio State/Michigan and drop it in a Great Lake. BYU/Utah? Please. This is the greatest thing in college football. Just ask Bill Curry.

Over at the Druid City Breakdown, my friend Eric G. Mann is hating on Snoop Dogg. Come on, Eric. Show a little love.

The Desperate Housewives/Terrell Owen skit from Monday Night Football has gotten a lot of hype. Tony Dungy went so far as to call it racially insensitive. I wouldn't go that far, but I see his point. Owens was certainly playing into a sexy black man, Barry White sort of stereotype. Either way, the skit was unnecessary. The game of football doesn't need this sort of thing. The antics on the field are one thing, but we don't need all the rest. Just let us watch a game with no distractions.

Say a prayer for Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer. His mother died yesterday morning.

Al Mohler's column today is a good one; he's talking Star Wars, Christianity, and the big difference between the two. One exception is this quote from Carl F. Henry:

"Judeo-Christian revelation has nothing in common with the category of myth."

Professors Lewis and Tolkien would no doubt take issue with such a statement.

Over at Erin O'Connor's imperative Critical Mass blog, she's talking up the new Tom Wolfe novel.

Andrew Sullivan makes a great point about Condi Rice's appointment as Secretary of State. See the second point.

More later this weekend, after the Iron Bowl. Auburn is the number three team in the country, expected to win by ten points. I'm an Alabama alum and diehard fan, but it's going to very hard for a banged up Crimson Tide to pull this one out. For all the Iron Bowl talk you need, see the invaluable Cecil Hurt at TideSports.com.

My practical side says Auburn wins 28-10, but the fan in me says Alabama wins 20-13. We shall see.

Finally, the awesome anti-Soviet movie Red Dawn is on right now. Lea Thompson is carrying a backpack made by The North Face. Nice.
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