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Friday, November 12, 2004
We have this problem in the South. It's not racism or sexism or fundamentalism. It's not even Auburn fans. It's the humidity. It was here before time began. It won't leave. Not even now, in mid-November. You haven't lived until you've walked out of your grandparent's house on Thanksgiving Day, and the air has all the charming qualities of a post-Super Bowl lockerroom.

Speaking of hot air, David Poland is jumping to Michael Moore's defense. (HT: Looking Closer) Poland suggests that Moore has lost perspective on his journey. If by "lost perspective" he means "was born," then I think he might be on to something. Check this out:

I would argue that Moore lost perspective in his journey. I would argue that his anger got the best of him in the rush to get Fahrenheit 9/11 completed and into theaters in time to make an impact. And I would argue that the embrace of his film, which still stands as a political finger wagging instead of a film of thought and insight as his other films have been, emboldened him to go further and further down the road of excess.

Rubbish, I say. Michael Moore's first job was at the Nation. That should tell you he's not a fan of Barry Goldwater. I'm not calling Moore out for his liberalism, but the fact that he is liberal might - might - suggest an agenda. But let's forget even that. What Poland doesn't acknowledge is that Moore has a history of deceit going back to Roger & Me. That's nearly two decades of half-truths and mischaracterizations. The Right can handle liberals. We can't tolerate liars.

I'm not trying to smear all liberals, though it would hardly be without just cause. Moore has been a unique phenomenon. And not just talking about the two acres of cotton used to make the tuxedo he wore at the 2003 Oscar's. He has always sided with anti-American causes. He has never backed an American war in his lifetime. The noble savages are good; the civilized Americans are war-mongering fools. Corporations bad. Socialization good. It's been his M.O. for twenty years. If Poland or anyone else doesn't see this, it's outright refusal to suggest that someone might be a liberal. I guess that crowd is afraid to be in the same boat as Rush Limbaugh. But impartiality in the battle between multicultural wishy-washy-ness and the resolute belief that Western values are actually better than the cesspool of intolerance and hatred that permeates the Middle East and Central Asia is an increasingly difficult to maintain. The murder of Theo Van Gogh should be a clarion call.

Then again, the murder of Pim Fortuyn should have been as well.
And September 11.
And Madrid 3/11.
And the Bali bombings.
And Beslan.
And Nick Berg.
And the April attacks in Fallujah.
And Tehran.
And the USS Cole.
And the first WTC attack.
And the murder of Leon Klinghoffer.
And the Berlin disco bombing.
And the Israeli Olympic murders.
And every single old man and little kid in Jerusalem missing an arm or leg or mom or dad or son or daughter or those who were blown to bits in the street by a fasict punk should drive home the point that there is no fence-straddling.

Makes you wonder if some people will ever get it.

You start to think they might not want to.
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