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Wednesday, December 22, 2004
Even if you're a college football junkie like me, it's always pretty easy to write off to smaller bowl games. Even when it concerns my own team, it's hard to get excited about the Independence Bowl or the Music City Bowl, the last two bowl games to invite the University of Alabama. I still watch the game, and this year, I'm still going to the game. But the excitement isn't always there, for the obvious reason:

Who really cares about a 6-5 Alabama team playing a 6-5 Minnesota team?

Then again, last year the Music City Bowl featured a matchup between mediocre teams from Auburn and Wisconsin, and look at the year those two schools had.

Anyway, Paul Finebaum had a great column this morning talking about Alabama's own bowl game, the GMAC Bowl down in Mobile. I'd imagine that if properly run, the bowl games traditionally viewed as smaller and less significant could be just as meaningful in their own communities.
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