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Friday, December 10, 2004
Fred Barnes is drinking some of that Auburn Kool-Aid. Maybe Melinda Gorham can lure him away from the Weekly Standard.

I doubt that very much. And I'm kidding. Barnes makes many fair points, though I'd hate to think that one of the best faces for modern, popular conservatism is becoming one of the "Auburn people." I still would nearly swear that I saw Barnes at church in Tuscaloosa the morning after the Iron Bowl, but I was likely just seeing things. But I hope he's speaking in superlatives when he says, referring to the Sugar Bowl where Auburn plays a resurgent Virginia Tech:

"And if Auburn wins, it will emerge with a unique distinction: the best team ever in college football that wasn't the official national champion."

Better than Joe Paterno's undefeated, uncrowned team? Maybe. Barnes also errs when he suggests that Oklahoma had a weaker schedule, beating Texas and Texas Tech. Um, Mr. Barnes, what about Oklahoma State and Dennis "Why Won't Notre Dame Return My Calls" Francioine's Texas A&M team? Well, Oklahoma did give up something near seventy points between both schools, so maybe Bob Stoops isn't interested in bringing those games up in defense of his season. When Auburn played ranked teams, the opposition scored maybe a touchdown.

I'll stop here before I convinced myself that Auburn got railroaded by the BCS, the AP and the Pulitburo-esque coaches' poll. Barnes' piece is definitely worth the read. As when George F. Will reviewed Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer a few weeks back, it's always great to see a Washington insider get a real glimpse of flyover country.

Even if, at least in this case, it is down at that cow college.
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