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Wednesday, December 22, 2004
I missed Tom Wolfe's interview on Bill O'Reilly's show because, well, O'Reilly is an obnoxious loudmouth. John Derbyshire did see it, however, and has a few thoughts.

First, was it news to Tom Wolfe that college kids went to bed at unholy hours? When I was an undergraduate, it took sickness or sheer boredom to have me in bed before midnight, to say nothing of two or three a.m. I didn't even party. It was just what we did. If we did not have to be in bed, we weren't. Simple as that. Nevertheless, I believe Derbyshire is right when he suggests that more can be accomplished by rising early than by staying up late.

Therefore I resigned last night at eleven pm, without watching Sportscenter or a Frasier rerun. Instead, I am up at six a.m. It's not bad, I must say. I've actually gotten a few things done in preparation for my trip home for Christmas. I've had a pot of coffee using beans from Higher Ground Roasters, a Birmingham-based company that roasts some fabulous fair-trade, organic beans. I tend to go for quiet music early in the morning, and since it's Christmas, I've been playing Best Love Christmas Carols by the Choir of King's College. It's a great collection, perfect for early morning Advent listening. It also helps that I'm roommate-less, as I don't imagine anyone else appreciating a blaring choral arrangment of "the Sussex Carol" at six a.m.

On the topic of Christmas music, let me say this: I love it. I have loved Christmas music since I was a small kid, and I credit this love with introducing me to jazz and classical forms of music. (I should add hear that Alabama Public Radio has offered some great holiday music during it's daytime hours lately) I'm glad that radio stations are willing to play Christmas music, too. But if I hear one more song by Kenny G or Amy Grant or Aaron Neville or the Manheim Steamroller, it's curtains for that radio station. Seriously. I'll pull my car out of the line at the bank and drive straight to the station, lock myself in an office and stage a hunger strike until ir's over or I can at least hear Rosemary Clooney.

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