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Monday, December 13, 2004
I've noticed I'm getting a fair amount of traffic from people looking for information on the Paul Gattis/Melinda Gorham issue up in Huntsville. As of right now, there isn't a whole to add. Regional talk radio like Paul Finebaum has cooled on the issue, so I think the public aspect of this issue may have died down, at least temporarily. I do think, however, that this case will have stronger reverberations in journalism. This is especially true in light of the Dan Rather controversy. This situation poses a lot of questions.

What does the media owe the public?

What can the public reasonably ask of the media?
Is the media a purely market-driven entity?

I must make this short for now, but there are questions I want to further explore. As always comments and e-mails are welcomed and encouraged. Please forward this blog on to anyone who may have an interest in this topic and the others that I am exploring.
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