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Saturday, December 04, 2004
Sometimes I wonder how clueless Andrew Sullivan really has become. Check out this post, as Sullivan is simply aghast to learn that the anti-gay red states (his thinking, not mine) have higher divorce rates. Two quick thoughts, and I'm blown away that Sullivan can't make the connection. First, the folks getting divorced aren't always the same people who are in church every Sunday and consistently vote the James Dobson line. I'm sure there's some overlap, but there's enough of a distinction that it's worth noting. Second, and this should be obvious: red states are more rural. They are, to some degree, poorer and a certain portion of the population is less educated. Divorce is higher among these demographics. Plain and simple. That says nothing about the political sophistication or the religious devotion of the red states. I won't go into a complete breakdown of divorce rates by state, but there are some basic demographic facts that are not easily overcome. A scholar of Sullivan's caliber should understand this, but I guess it's easier to write off flyover country as a land of anti-gay bigots.

Then again, stories like this don't do much to dispell Sullivan's worries. I can understand why some parents might be concerned about more progressive children's literature, but university libraries? Please, Mr. Allen. I'm an adult and a paying student at my university. I'd prefer that the state university system treat me as such. Ridiculous ideas such as these do nothing to help the social conservative movement.
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