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Thursday, December 09, 2004
Technology really is an amazing thing. I should be asleep right now or, considering that it is roughly 6:30 a.m., I should be hitting the snooze button. Instead, I'm wide awake. I woke up twenty minutes ago to a low synthetic wail coming from outside. I took me a minute to come out of my daze and place the sound, but soon the old familiar ring of a tornado siren made its way into my consciousness.

So unti 7:15 a.m., my area - Tuscaloosa County - is under a tornado warning. Luckily there are no reports of damage along the storms path thus far. I say technology is amazing because I can turn to my local weather (see this website and the corresponding blog) and see a map of the storm's projected path. Yes, it cuts through Tuscaloosa county. No, it is not moving in my direction. Literally, the communities mentioned in the weather report are at least half an hour to my north.

This is a great thing, however, and we should be thankful for this sort of technology. Of course nature is an unpredictable thing and storms can move as they will, but I find it astounding that the weatherfolk can generally project a storm's path. Years ago I would have woken up to the tornado siren and hoped my weather radio had good details, lest I sit around until the tornado warning expired. With the new techonology my mind is pretty much at ease. Of course I say a prayer for those in the path of this storm, but I've no doubt that they are, like me, thankful that we can have solid information. We now know - for better or worse - how to respond to severe weather and take seriously the threat of a tornado or particularly vicious thunderstorm.
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