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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Andrew Sullivan is - gasp! - having a hissy fit over the Weekly Standard's new cover. I won't say it's not over the top, but if Andrew was half as upset over every episode of Will & Grace, I might share in his outrage.

He's also upset with Glenn Reynolds' view of homosexuality. If someone could explain just what it is Sullivan wants in regards to gay-straight relations, they might also be able to figure the Middle East' problem.

And finally, Ann Althouse has a response to Sullivan's view of the revived "was Lincoln gay" controversy.

I mean, I dunno...did people have gaydar back then?

Sheesh, here I was pondering how to get this blog off sports for a day or two and back on politics. Apparently all it takes is for Andrew Sullivan to wake up with a refrigerator full of spoiled milk.
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