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Monday, January 24, 2005
Check out Andrew Sullivan's comments on the Nicollete Sheridan skit. Word has leaked that John Madden was originally intended to have the Terrell Owens role in the now infamous skit. But is Sullivan really this out of touch? With Madden in the role, it would have still been unnecessary and disrespectful to the game. It would have been less offensive with Madden simply because he is a lovable old man. I mean - who doesn't like John Madden? On any kind of prudish, moral level, Madden's presence would have made it hard to take seriously.

Tony Dungy - a black man, Andrew - was offended because he knew the skit played into every stereotype of the black man as a "playa." All that was missing was Terrell Owens moaning "Damn Baby!" and everyone under a certain age would know that Owens was playing up the Barry White/Isaac Hayes stereotype. Sullivan is too happy to preach against the racism of American society, while he completely misunderstands the issue.

What a colossal and ignorant bore.
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