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Sunday, January 30, 2005
Check out these photo essays of Iraqis voting in a free election. Nothing is ever perfect, but this was worth the sacrifice. This is worth the high oil prices. This was worth the brave and noble deaths of American, British, Australian, Italian, Spanish, Polish and other international forces. This will reverberate throughout the Arab world. Reuters went so far to suggest that overall turnout could be as high as 72%. Hard work remains to solidify complete security, but my goodness! What an amazing day.

Drudge quotes Senator Kerry on Meet the Press: Kerry: 'We Should Not Overhype Election'.... We should not overhype Senator Kerry's use to the people of this nation. What a classless old windbag. (Note: Here's something of a link from the Corner. I'll try to find a transcript later today.

Cheers to the Iraqi people. Let us support them now with all the effort we can muster, and let us offer our encouragement to the people yearning for freedom in Iran, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the rest of Asia and Africa.
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