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Saturday, January 08, 2005
A few days removed from the end of the college football season, I think I've finally collected my thoughts. As it concerns Alabama, you could be in the class of unhappy alumni. Yes, I understand that injuries hurt the Tide. I understand that Mike Shula started last year on the fly, and was still learning this year. I understand that NCAA probation, spurred by a crooked investigation, has drastically harmed recruiting efforts. Yes, I know it all. What bothers me is that Mike Shula still stands on the sideline looking like a deer frozen in the headlights of a frat boy's truck. He and his staff had a very nice game plan early in the season with a healthy team, but why weren't our back ups ready to go?

I'll make a qualified retraction to my post the other day calling for Shula's ouster if next season isn't great. Unless the 2005 season is an unmitigated disaster, Shula needs to stay on board. But there must be improvement. Shula has to begin showing some control on the sidelines. (Hint to Mike: lose the turtleneck, gold chain and don't be so liberal with the f-bomb). With a loaded schedule, it will be impossible to win eight games without a signature win; Bama plays at Arkansas, Auburn and South Carolina (against Steve Spurrier. Urban Meyer's Florida team will be in Tuscaloosa, along with Tennessee and LSU. Mike Shula will have ample opportunity to win big next year. The million dollar question: will he do it?
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