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Saturday, January 15, 2005
For more on the blue state/red state clash of tastes, check out this post by Evangelical Outpost, wherein Joe Carter expresses his distaste for the country music of Gretchen Wilson and Big & Rich. Nice thoughts, by Joe, and I heartily agree. But check out the comments section. Joe is chastised by one reader for his "blue state elitism."

I'm dead serious; if this is what cultural conservatism is going to be about, then I quit. Gretchen Wilson may sing about life as many know it, but her white trash anthems are no better than the gangster rap of Lil' John or Fat Joe. I don't mind the attitude so much as I mind the glorification of a lifestyle that is downright disgusting. On top of that, and this is more important, her music is just terrible. Same thing goes for Big & Rich.

This issue highlights the growing chasm within conservatism. George Will is a huge fan of jazz, which is typically heard only on NPR. Does that make Will a blue state elitist? William F. Buckley would find this sort of music abhorrent. We all see Jay Nordlinger's reviews of the symphony and opera. I know I criticized Nordlinger yesterday, but the point here is that we should champion what is good in every genre. Kelly Willis and Alison Krauss make good country music; Gretchen Wilson does not. The Roots and Outkast make good hiphop; Juvenile does not. There's nothing blue state about calling bad music what it is, and Gretchen Wilson is terrible.
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