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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
I think Andrew Sullivan is in the early running for Most Clueless Blogger for the year 2005. Our pal Andrew thinks that the President should offer a retraction for stating that he could not see how a person could be President without knowing God. Give me a break. While I understand and appreciate - indeed, agree with - the President's assertion, how hard would it be for Andrew to consider that W.'s faith is something he brought to the office with him. He has carried with him for four years, and he believes that his experience would have been impossible without it. Not to make light of the President's faith, but couldn't one view the statement in the way your neighbor says, "Boy, lemme tell ya, I don't see how anyone drives the family from Nashville to Pensecola without a dvd player for the kids."

I don't mean to suggest that Christianity is a commodity, but surely you see the point. And as for Andrew being aghast that W. believes in the evangelical notion of a relationship with God - my heavens, is the man so dense that he is unaware that millions and millions of Christians around the world adhere to this belief, and have done so for generations? Just what does it take to get a PhD from Harvard these days?
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