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Saturday, January 08, 2005
I'll plead temporary insanity in my prediction that Oklahoma would be USC. I should have known better; OU gave up at least thirty points to both Texas A&M and Oklahoma State. Of course, I think the AP voters should plead the same thing. I don't know how Auburn ended up behind such a flawed Oklahoma defense, even if OU managed to win those games. That said, USC thoroughly spanked Oklahoma, and rightly deserves to be ranked number one in the country. Hindsight is always 20/20, and I'll contend that Auburn should have played in the Orange Bowl. But I do not believe that Auburn would have beaten Pete Carroll's team under any circumstances. It just ain't happening.

Having said all that, I was a bit annoyed with the sheer joy demonstrated by ESPN's anchors when USC won. Maybe they were just thankful that they didn't have to consider the possibility that Auburn got the shaft. ESPN has Frank Beamer and Norm Chow to thank for that.

Now for this business about a playoff. Nonsense. If a team runs the table all season long, and it happens more often than not, they should not have to enter a playoff. If two teams are undefeated in January (again, not an uncommon occurrence), then they play one another in whatever BCS bowl and the winner is our National Champion. I think the only real change we need at the end of the season is an emergency plus-one. Find a neutral site, perhaps one of the BCS bowls, and if we've got two undefeated teams after the regular bowl season, let 'em play. Beyond that, the system is fine. Let the polls do their work, but let's save the coaches' poll for the first weekend of October after we've seen a few games. The bowls are great as they are; they are part and parcel of college football. To change the bowls would be to change the game. If this is a problem for fans, there's a world of salary caps and bratwurst waiting on Sunday afternoon.
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