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Friday, January 14, 2005
I've griped in the past about the way conservatives seem to enjoy badmouthing Hollywood, almost as much as Hollywood enjoys attacking conservatives. NRO's interview with Andrew Breitbart is just another example. I just love this quote about the movie Sideways:

"What will likely win a lot is the hysterically over-praised Sideways, which played to blue-state art-house nihilism. Anyone that considers NPR news will find Sideways a great comedy. And the film has only made about $25 million to date proving its mediocrity."

Is this not snobbery of some sort or another? I just love Breitbart's implication there, that if you like the movie, you must be some sort of liberal. What boring, trite drivel. I've not yet seen the movie, but who is Breitbart to make such a suggestion? This is why some conservatives feel so estranged from the mainstream movement. Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh could care less about culture. A guy like Breitbart can say things like this, and NRO goes nuts over him. Jay Nordlinger writes about opera and complains that college kids wear Che-paraphenalia. (I don't like it either, but is this news to anyone?) The guys at National Review who do like music written in the last five years - Mike Potemra and John Miller - almost never discuss it. This old-line conservative fixation with classical music and opera (which I enjoy, by the way) is just as elitist as some of the Hollywood crowd. Perhaps this is just my soapbox, but I think it's a point worth mentioning.

It would be just great if someone could write about popular culture from a conservative perspective on a burgeoning group blog.

Say, now that is an idea...
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