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Sunday, January 02, 2005
Let me offer a very happy New Year to all who read this. I am back safe and sound from the Music City Bowl in Nashville, and here I present a random assortment of thoughts:

- Nashville is a wonderful, wonderful city. I hope to find more time to explore it in the future.

- Early Day Miners are an amazing band.

- The Coliseum in Nashville is a fun place to watch football, with great concessions, though a lot of students from the University of Alabama were too excited about the beer being sold in the stadium.

- Oh, right. The football game. Awful, simply awful. I don't know what the problems are around here, but Friday morning was just pathetic. Michigan played a barn-burner of a Rose Bowl (and nearly won) with a freshman quarterback and running back. What is Mike Shula's excuse? I know injuries have hurt the Crimson Tide, but the coaching this year has been nothing short of atrocious. Save for a much improved defense, Mike Shula's staff has shown very little in the way of progression. Unless next year shows marked improvement or catastrophic injuries, I'll say that Shula should be fired outright.

- Now look, I know schools don't give their coaches enough of a chance these days, but this is the University of Alabama. Sure, Notre Dame fired Ty Willingham too soon, but with academic standards just one-tenth of a point shy of Harvard and no conference alignment, it's pretty hard to maintain a grade A football program. And I know the NCAA railroaded the program here in Tuscaloosa, but my goodness. Alabama looked terrible Friday, same as they have for the last two years. After a third, someone should be held accountable.

- The trip's playlist included the following records: The Walkmen'sBows and Arrows, Denali's Instinct, Jets to Brazil's Perfecting Loneliness, and Idlewild's Remote Part.

- We enjoyed fine meals at Rotier's, Jackson's and Noshville. The food was excellent at all three restaurants; Rotier's and Noshville both make a mean cheeseburger, and the Lemon-Peppercorn Shrimp Pasta at Jackson's is fantastic. The service at Noshville, however, leaves something to be desired, in much the same way that democracy in Libya leaves much to be desired.

- I only saw the final few minutes of last night's Rose Bowl, but I listened to much of the second half on the radio. I know it broke with tradition to exclude the Pac-10, but what a phenomenal game. And memo to the Pac-10: put up some teams with more than six wins and the BCS might pay attention.

- Bobby Petrino is a dink. Pat Forde has the goods.

- Hugh Hewitt has a new book. I've not read it, but if you're reading this site, you'll likely be interested.
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