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Saturday, January 29, 2005
Like Hugh Hewitt, I am a Christian who does not consider himself a God-blogger. I focus mostly on politics and culture, with some sports thrown in. I feel that my faith in Christ reverberates through my work, but I don't approach my work in a ministry-oriented context the way, say, Mark Roberts might. And that's ok; there's plenty of room for both views, and both views have something serious to contribute. But as a Christian, I think there are some issues that do not deserve silence. Michael Spencer is a very talented, at times controversial, blogger. He is calling on the Christians in the blogosphere to take up a very important task.

Call out Joel Osteen.

Osteen is quickly becoming the most recognized Protestant pastor in the country. The fact that his Gospel-free preaching is so popular is most troubling. I would argue, like Spencer, that to the Christian - not the conservative , not the Republican, but to the Christian - this is a far more pressing issue than anything political. In fact, Osteen's message is all the more dangerous because he is not involved in any political matters. He is, essentially, a nonpartisan pastor. Spencer's piece is a clarion call.

Are we up to it?
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